About Jan Loos

Jan Loos

Heya, I am Jan Loos, A 38 year old, from the Netherlands, and I love tabletop roleplaying games!

When I was about 10 years old, my older cousin asked my to play a game with him. When he pulled out the box from his bag and I saw the cover, that was the moment that my interest in Tabletop RPG’s began. The game was called Heroquest, a simplified roleplaying game that was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.

Since then I started drawing warriors, wizards, monsters, and dragons. I have drawn many world maps. I played many games, read many books.

Years passed by, until I saw a kickstarter project called Roll20.net. Up until then I used to play tabletop games with my friends offline. But when I saw the kickstarter project, I realised that with this tool, playing online could be almost as fun as playing in real life.


Artwork for Roll20 Marketplace

After I hosted my first couple of games on Roll20.net, the players were really excited about the artwork I made for the games. They suggested that I create my own roleplaying assets and sell them on the marketplace. I felt it was a really big compliment, but I didn’t think my artwork was good enough yet.

That is why I started to practice more. I followed tutorials from other Roll20.net marketplace creators that were a huge inspiration to me. Especially Devin Night, who makes great tokens, and Gabriel Pickard a.k.a. Madcowchef, who makes amazing battlemaps.

In 2015 I decided to start making artwork for the Roll20.net marketplace. The comments and support I got was a really big motivation. The community over at Roll20.net is great.

If you are interested in my work, take a look at my artwork in the Roll20.net Marketplace. If you want to support me, buy some of my artwork and use it to create your own adventures.

Note: My artwork on the marketplace is downloadable after you have bought it. So if you use other virtual tabletop software, you can use them there as well.

Why Online-Tabletop.com

Because I have learned so much from others in the past, I feel it is my turn to share. I will do so through this site. I will give out tutorials on creating maps, tokens. I will give out tips on being a good Dungeon Master.

If you are an artist that creates artwork for tabletop roleplaying games, I would love to feature your work in a review on this website. If you have any idea’s or tips that you would like to share with me, don’t hesitate to contact me.

e-mail: infojanloos.nl