20 Village adventure ideas

So you are looking for some inspiration for an adventure in a small village? Good! I have collected 20 of my favourite quest hooks/adventure ideas for small countryside villages.

Adventure Ideas for small village
  • The chickens of the local farmers are being attacked at night by something that seems to be larger than a fox. He asks you to help.
  • Some of the children in the village went missing. A local hermit is accused of it. But what the people do not know, is that a hag is responsible.
  • The cows are starting to grow mushrooms and other fungi on their body. And their milk has turned blue. The village asks you to find out the cause.
  • Someone or something has been poisoning the well. Many villagers have fallen ill. Who would do such a thing
  • Strange stone stacks and formations have appeared in the nearby area. Some of them are covered by animal entrails and bones. What is causing this?
  • One of the villagers died. But before they died, there was a symbol smeared with blood on the front door of their house. If this wasn’t worrying enough, more of these symbols appear on other peoples doors.
  • A farmer hears strange sounds coming from his fields at night. When he walks the fields in the morning he finds a circle where his crops have been flattened out.
  • During the local festival, the party is invited to join in the game of catching an oiled up pig.
  • A horse with a saddle and bags walks in to village. The horse is covered with blood, and has no rider. One of the villagers recognise the horse as the horse owned by their father.
Check out the tokens on the store
  • An old grey dog follows the party. His collar shows the name ‘Scrappy’, and a stamp from a leatherworker from a nearby village.
  • The fisherman wants to catch a big glowing firecrab, but the crab only seems to be interested in special bait. He wants you to bring a jar of glowing worms that live in the swamp nearby. They can only be spotted at night.
  • Help a local healer to create healing potions. One of the ingredients the healer uses, is ancient water that is enclosed in quartz rock. However the caves where he gathers these rocks has been inhabited by a huge bear.
  • The latest supply caravan has been attacked by brigands. The party is hired to protect the caravan on their return journey.
  • One of the shopkeepers was digging to create a new cellar. While digging, the shopkeeper found underground ruins.
  • The wife of the mayor asks the party for help. She has shamed her father by getting pregnant by another man. If her husband finds out, he will be heartbroken, angry, and his career ruined. She asks the party to help her disappear
  • During the night, bodies are being dug up from the local graveyard. Who is, and why are they doing this.
  • The mayor wants to taste the meat of a rare creature. The party is offered a reward if they can hunt it down.
  • A child that went missing from the village over seven years ago, returns with no memory of what happened. Even more strange, the child has not aged a day.
  • A falling star has crashed near the village. The crater has drawn attention from wanted and unwanted visitors.
  • When the party arrives to the village, they are just in time to witness the celebration of a wedding. However when the ceremony is supposed to take place, the groom is found murdered.

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