Drawing a Token inspired by the Mind Flayer monster

This timelapse shows you the process of how I draw a top down token for Roll20. It is a virtual tabletop token that can be used to play games such as Dungeons and Dragons online.

How to draw Roll20 token Mind Flayer inspired monsterThis token resembles a creature inspired by a Mind Flayer. The brainsucking creatures that live in the Underdark of the Forgotten Realms fantasy world.


The process starts by posing a figure in the Daz Studio or Daz 3D posing program. When I am satisfied with the pose, I render it and import it in Adobe Photoshop.


I then use a blue brush to sketch out the character. Sometimes I copy and paste and mirror pieces of the artwork such as for the head. Since the head is mostly Symmetrical.

Line art

When I am satisfied with the sketch, I put the sketch layer on 50% opacity, and create a lineart layer on top.

I draw the line art with thin black lines. The lines and curves need to flow, so I often undo and redraw the line art.


When the line art is finished. I select the outside area, and create a mask. Then I reverse the mask, so I can draw inside of the lineart, and I don’t accidently go out of the lines.

I create a layer of 50% grey, and start to draw in grayscale values. I figure out where I want my lightsource to be, usually from the southwest of the image. I draw in shadows and highlights


After the values are finished. I create a layer set on Hard Light, and I start drawing in the colors that I like. Everything comes together here.


The last layer is a layer of color dodge. This gives some life to the character, by changing colors slightly and adding ‘glowing effects’.

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