Fantasy World Map for Roll20

Hello People! I’m happy to tell you that my Fantasy World Map set has been accepted at the roll20 marketplace. So if you need a map¬†for D&D, Pathfinder, or any other type of medieval/fantasy¬† style tabletop roleplaying game, you can get it here:

Fantasy World Map for Roll20

The fantasy world map is also available for Download on the Roll20 Marketplace. So if you want to use it as a handout in your live games, that is also possible!

Creating the Fantasy World Map in a Timelapse

If you are curious towards the process of creating a fantasy world map of this size, I have made a timelapse. The making of the map took about 15 hours. Making the extra icons and artwork took another 10 hours.

I have used Adobe Photoshop with Lazy Nezumi Pro. Most of you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, but Lazy Nezumi Pro adds some extra features like smooth brush strokes and all kind of rules that allows you to still use pressure sensitivity.

For the other artwork like the flags, banners, scrolls, and compass, I have used Autdesk SketchBook. I used this program because it allows for mirror and symmetry, making it real easy to draw symmetrical objects or things like compass roses.

I’ve learned most of my cartography/map making skills at a forum called the Cartographers Guild. So a huge shoutout and thanks to that forum.

Check out the timelapse here:

Fantasy World Map Timelapse

Other Maps and Freebies

So you like the map and you want some more? Then you are in luck! I have created multiple fantasy world maps in the past including freebies. So make sure to check out these posts:
Custom World Map – Including a High Resolution Labelled version

Video Tutorial – Making a Fantasy Map in Photoshop – Including a high resolution unlabelled map!

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Fantasy map in Photoshop Timelapse
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