Roll20 custom tokens drawn by hand for your D&D needs

Hey there, I am Jan and I have been making artwork for online tabletop games for a few years now.

People have been requesting custom artwork for games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, and Pathfinder. To use in their digital campaigns on online tabletop software such as Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.

I can create custom tokens for monsters and characters for your online tabletop needs.

Roll20 custom tokens drawn by hand for your D&D needsA custom token for $15 USD

For $15 USD You will get a custom digitally drawn token. Each token takes about 1,5 to 3 hours to draw. The token you will receive will be unique to you for a year, after that I keep the right to sell them in art packs on my website, or other online tabletop marketplaces.

  • Elven Token with Online Tabletop WatermarkDigitally hand drawn token with wacom tablet
  • The dimensions will be 560 x 560 px in 72dpi (Other dimensions on request)
  • Delivered in PNG with transparent background
  • The tokens will have a shadow effect on the floor (Without shadow on request)
  • The tokens will be drawn in a top down view
  • Tested for use in online tabletop software such as Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds
  • Tokens can be fantasy, sci-fi, modern, or historical
  • You can request one change per token (such as type of weapon, facial expression, colors)
  • A token with a digital watermark will be send to you to show you the results
  • After the payment is processed you will receive the final token without watermark by e-mail
  • Prefered payment method is paypal

Specifications for custom token requests

To make sure I deliver a token that lives up to your expectations please supply the following information.

  • Online Tabletop custom hero tokenToken name
  • Character race
  • Character class
  • What clothing should the character wear?
  • What armor should the character wear?
  • What weapons and object should the character carry?
  • What colors would you like me to use?
  • What pose would you like to see? (relaxed or fighting stance?)
  • What facial expression would you like the character to have?
  • What hairstyle would you like your character to have?
  • Does the character have any tattoos, scars, or piercings?
  • Would you like magical or special effects? (Fire, magical glowing weapons)
  • Do you have any pictures that I could use as a reference for the character?

Maps and Handouts

I can also draw maps and handouts for your digital campaigns. Supply me with some details and I will give you a price estimate. Keep in mind that the same rule goes. The first year, the artwork will be unique for you and your campaign, but after a year I keep the right to sell them on a digital marketplace such as the Roll20 marketplace, or my own site.

Contact me if you want to request custom artwork